Completion of 6 Main Pier Caps of Peljesac Bridge

After 23 hours of painstaking work, at 8: 00 a.m. local time on March 13, the concrete pouring of the third layer of S10 main pier cap of Peljesac Bridge in Croatia was finished. So far, the construction of the high-pile caps on water of 6 main piers of the bridge have been completed, marking that the commencement of the main pier body of the bridge.

Concrete pouring site of S10 main pier cap

The plane dimension of the S10 main pier is 23 × 29 m, with the height of 5 m, which is the same as that of S5 to S9 main pier caps. The concrete bottom plate and steel side plate combined casing were used as the formwork for water confining structure and cap construction. In the light of the high density of reinforcing bar, long pouring time, numerous embedded parts and high technical requirement, the Bridge Project Department carefully optimized the construction organization scheme, reasonably planned the operation time and the allocation of construction ships, strictly checked the work level by level to ensure the pouring quality of large-volume cap concrete and improve the construction efficiency.

Lowering of the bottom plate of main pier cap header box

From lowering of the first main pier cap to the present, after 8 months of hard work, the bridge main pier cap construction has been completed successfully. During the construction period, the Bridge Project Department actively implemented the deployment of the Party Committee of the Company, paid close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and ensured the completion of major nodes of the project in time based on the mode of “grid management and small-unit battle”, laying a solid foundation for future construction.