Kenyan President Attends Ceremonies of Two Proejctst

On May 20, local time, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta attended the opening ceremony of the Lamu-Garissa Highway Project and the unveiling ceremony of the Berth No. 1 of the Lamu Port Project. Li Changgui, Deputy General Manager of CRBC and General Manager of Kenya Office accompanied him.

Kenyatta attends the opening ceremony of the Lamu-Garissa Highway Project

Kenyatta was briefed on the preparations for the construction of the Lamu-Garissa Highway Project at the opening ceremony. He expressed that the Project is an important part of the construction of the "Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor" ("LAPSSET Corridor"), and after completion, it will greatly improve the efficiency of cargo transportation in the Lamu Port, enhance the radiation of the Lamu Port to the economic hinterland of South Sudan, Ethiopia and other East Africa, and create a new channel for inland cargos of East Africa to go to sea.

The Lamu-Garissa Highway Project connects Ram Port and Garissa, a key town in northeast Kenya, with a total length of 467 kilometers, with two-way and two-lane design and a construction period of 24 months.

Kenyatta unveils the nameplate for Berth No.1 of Lamu Port Project

Subsequently, Kenyatta attended the unveiling ceremony of Berth No. 1 of Lamu Port. In his speech, Kenyatta fully recognized CCCC and CRBC's high-quality and efficient project construction ability, and highly commended the Company's outstanding contributions to the construction of the LAPSSET corridor and the development of Kenya's transport infrastructure.

The Lamu Port Project is the flagship project of Kenya's "Vision 2030 Plan". The planned length of the wharf for Berths No. 1-3 of Phase I project is 1,200 meters, and three 100,000-ton ships can be docked at the same time. Currently, Berth No. 1 has been completed and put into operation, and Berth No. 2 and Berth No. 3 are scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2021.