A Local Primary School of Montenegro Holds an Appreciation Event to Thank CRBC for Its Fulfillment of Social Responsibility

On September 14, Šćepan Đukić School in Montenegro held a grand appreciation event to thank CRBC South-North Expressway Project Department for its help on repairing the school. His Excellency Cui Zhiwei –the Chinese ambassador to Montenegro, secretary-general of Ministry of Education of Montenegro and mayor of Bodogorica attended the event.

Group photo of people of China and Montenegro concerned

In the speech, the president of this school said Šćepan Đukić School was a school named after a national hero with the history of 146 years. He expressed his thanks to CRBC for its generous help, which greatly improved the working and living quality of the teachers and students.

At the ceremony, the Chinese embassy donated school supplies and sports goods to the school. His Excellency Cui Zhiwei and General Manager Gao Liang had a friendly table tennis match with the teachers and students of the school at the new table tennis tables. And the teachers and students of the school performed ethnic songs and dances for the guests present. Besides, the school presented certificate of honor to Cui Zhiwei–the Chinese ambassador to Montenegro and Gao Liang –General Manager of Montenegro Branch, to express their gratitude for the Chinese people.

This event strengthens the traditional friendship between people of China and Montenegro, creates harmonious internal and external environments for the project, and sets up a good enterprise image of Chinese companies in the European market.