First Batch of Steel Box Girders of Peljesać Bridge Delivered

On February 29, the first batch of steel box girders of Peljesać Bridge in Croatia arrived at the construction site after one months of sea transportation.

The steel box girder for Peljesać Bridge is single-box and three-chamber flat steel box girder with orthotropic bridge deck and hollow diaphragm, manufactured in accordance with the highest grade EN 1090-EXC4 specified in European standard regarding steel structure processing. Steel box girders for the bridge weight over 36,000t, which passed production conditions acceptance and put into production in August 2019. According to the construction organization scheme, these steel box girders will be transported in four batches. On January 23, 2020, the first batch of steel girders will be shipped from Nantong, Jiangsu, which comprises 29 steel box girders including side span curve segment, standard segment, pier top segment and main pier-concrete segment, and 6 bridge deck cranes, weighting about 7,000t in total.

During production, series of process requirements, control and inspection standards that satisfy superior standards and requirements were formulated and implemented to ensure product quality. Moreover, efforts were also made to overcome such challenges and difficulties as complex structure of side span girder curve segment, great difficulty in construction, large thickness of mid-span steel mixed segment, great number of melting through welds and accessories. Finally, steel box girders were completed, shipped and delivered on time as agreed after over 200 days of hard work thanks to strict assembly and optimized welding processes.

The delivery of the first batch of steel box girders marks the staged progress made for the steel box girder structure construction of the Peljesać Bridge, laying a solid foundation for construction of the superstructure. At present, the Project is in the key link that representing the transition from substructure construction to superstructure construction. The Project Department will earnestly practice the requirements and deployment of CRBC’s Party Committee, do well COVID-19 prevention & control, and orderly promote the construction of subsequent nodes.