CRBC Employees

Training of Employees

Technology transfer and training of local employees are not only CRBC's commitment to the local government and people, but also an important part of proving Local capability of building infrastructure. CRBC organizes all kinds of training such as on-the-job training, safety training, professional courses and so on.

Communication Mechanism

We full safeguard employee' rights to know, supervise and participate in decision-making, build channels for good communication between Chinese and local employees, and give full play to the role of employees in democratic management.

Remuneration and Benefits

In strict accordance with local laws, CRBC has paid social welfare expenses for all local employees. In addition to various insurances required by local law, CRBC offers extra benefits to employees, striving to create a healthy, secure working environment.

Establishing Awards to Encourage

The selection of “CRBC Excellent Local Employees” is carried out aiming to commend and promote the excellent local employees with outstanding performance in the reform and development practice of CRBC, set up advanced role models, guide and encourage the employees to strive for excellence.

Caring for Employees' Life

CRBC is always been caring for staff health and devoting to providing healthy, safe and humane working and living environments. CRBC has adopted various ways to help out needy employees and strengthen local employees' sense of identity and pride.

Cultural Exchange

Various cultural exchanges enable both Local and Chinese staff to relax in their spare time, develop healthy living and working habits, and deepen friendship.