General Contract of Balykchy Sewage Treatment Plant Signed

Recently, the Company signed a general contract for the Balykchy Sewage Treatment Plant with the Water Supply and Drainage Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Communications of Kyrgyzstan.

The Project is located in Balykchy City, Lake Issyk State, Kyrgyzstan, and the main content of the Project is to design and construct a sewage treatment plant with the daily treatment capacity of 4,200 m3. The implementation of the Project will effectively improve the infrastructure service level of Balykchy City, protect the important tourism resource of Kyrgyzstan- Lake Issyk, promote the sustainable development of the local economy and benefit the local people.

Against the epidemic, the Kyrgyzstan Office has thoroughly implemented the Company's deployment, strived to expand the scope of market development and stepped up the development of non-traditional businesses. The signing of the Project has accumulated valuable experience for the diversification of the Company's overseas business.