Madagascar Minister Inspects the No.9 National Highway Project

On May 27, 2021, Hajo Herivelona ANDRIANAINARIVELO, Minister of Regional Development, Building, Housing and Public Works of Madagascar, inspected Section I of the No.9 National Highway Project in Madagascar undertaken by CRBC.

Hajo Herivelona ANDRIANAINARIVELO inspected the earthwork test section, stone crushing yard, supervision camp site and main camp site, listened to the reports on construction plan, construction progress and pandemic prevention & control of the Project, and affirmed the achievements made by CRBC in effective pandemic prevention & control, orderly work and successful elimination of local employment problem. He noted out that CRBC has achieved great results in both production and pandemic prevention & control, vividly showing the excellent project management level and outstanding construction organization ability of CRBC. He extended gratitude to CRBC staff for their persistence and dedication, and hoped that everyone would keep forge ahead to accelerate the project construction and successfully fulfill the contract as scheduled.

With a total length of 85.38km, Section I of the No.9 National Highway Project is located in southwestern Madagascar and is a coastal trunk road connecting the tourism city Turia to western Madagascar. After completion, it will dramatically strengthen the transport and economic tie between southwestern coasts, facilitate the agricultural and tourism development in regions along the line, and play a vital role in further optimizing the layout of national trunk highway network of Madagascar.