CRBC Wins the Title of "Civilized Unit of Beijing"

Several days ago, Beijing Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee issued the Decision on Commending 2012-2014 Advanced Units in Beijing Spiritual Civilization Construction. And CRBC won the title of "Civilized Unit of Beijing". This is the first time that CRBC has won this honor.

The Medal of Honor

The "Civilized Unit of Beijing" refers to an advanced unit that actively practices the socialist core values, conducts all-round coordinated development of all businesses, makes outstanding work performance and social contribution, makes a remarkable success in the spiritual civilization construction and plays a demonstrating and leading role in Beijing. It is awarded by Beijing Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee and reflects the overall civilization level of the unit.

The winning of this honor is a full affirmation of CRBC's spiritual civilization construction. In the future work, CRBC will further strengthen the spiritual civilization construction, pay attention to reform and innovation and promote the formation of a new situation of mass spiritual civilization construction so as to provide an ideological guarantee, spiritual strength and moral nourishment for running the Party strictly and make new contributions to the healthy and orderly development of the Company.