Cunene River Bridge Project

Effect picture of the Project

Construction of the Project

The Cunene River Bridge has a total length of 880m and deck width of 11.64m. The river width is about 100m. The river level is low in dry season (April to November) and high in rainy season (December to next March). The span combination of the Bridge’s superstructure is 40m+(16×50m)+40m, i.e. 1 set with 18 spans. The substructure comprises pile foundation of abutment caps, piers, bearing platforms and cast-in-situ piles. The superstructure adopts continuous open steel box girders that are fabricated in China’s plants section by section. The steel box girders are welded on the site, and put in place through incremental launching construction. The deck adopts prefabricated slabs with cast-in-situ processes, applying with 4cm asphalt concrete layer. The steel box girder of the main bridge is 2.45m tall, with the upper aperture width of 2.9m, the lower aperture width of 2.4m, and the web thickness of 12mm. For the Project, continuous steel box girders are adopted by applying the process of incremental launching construction. Meanwhile, the Project was granted the First Prize of Overseas Projects by Civil Engineering Standards Society of Southern Africa in 2009, and the Quality Engineering Award of CCCC.