The Construction Project of Datong-Xi’an Railway Passenger-dedicated Stations Section 14


The construction of Datong-Xi’an High-speed Railway started in March, 2010. With a length of 859km, it is a high-speed railway with the highest station-setting proportion in China. It is an important component of China Medium and Long-term Plan for Railway Network, and also a province-crossing key railway project which was first completed in China in 2014. The section undertaken by CRBC, located in Weinan City in Shanxi Province and Lintong District in Xi’an City, is a double-track high-speed railway passenger-dedicated line with a design speed of 250km/h and a length of 46.44km. Its construction mainly consists of bridge, culvert, laying of ballastless track bed, relocation of road, one elevated railway station and three-electricity relocation and change, etc.