Shahristan Tunnel in Tajikistan

Effect picture of the Project

Shahristan Tunnel is the controlling project of Tadzhikistan-Uzbekistan Road Rehabilitation Project. The main tunnel is 5,253m long and the pilot tunnel is 5,286m long. The average altitude of the tunnel is over 2,500m. Fractured surrounding rocks in tunnel site significantly increase the difficulty in construction. Since the Project was commenced on July 11, 2006, all the employees overcame numerous difficulties, successfully applied the “New Austrian Tunneling Method” in construction, guaranteed the stability of tunnel forming, put an end to such material accidents as surrounding rock collapse, and safely completed the tunneling in sections with unfavorable geological conditions. The main tunnel was broken through on April 19, 2012. On October 27, 2012, President Rakhmon presided over the opening ceremony of Shahristan Tunnel with the attendance of Chinese Ambassador to Tadzhikistan Fan Xianrong, counselor Li Yue, then CRBC Chairman Zhan Jianchu, etc. The opening ceremony was then successfully selected as “Top Ten Important Events in Tadzhikistan in 2012”. On May 24, 2013, Tadzhikistan National Acceptance Group organized by the Ministry of Transport of Tadzhikistan preliminarily accepted the Shahristan Tunnel.

Shahristan Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in Central Asia, and is also the longest road tunnel built by Chinese enterprise in foreign countries so far. The completion of Shahristan Tunnel presents the opening of the only channel connecting the southern and northern parts of Tadzhikistan, and plays an important role for the south-north communication and national economic development in Tadzhikistan. The Project further improves the regional traffic network in Central Asia, restores the new Eurasia Land Bridge, and inherits the long-standing friendship between Tadzhikistan and China.