Project Fast Road Ivato International Airport-Europe Avenue in Madagascar

Effect picture of the Project

The airport fast road is a new two-way two-lane tolled fast road connecting the Ivato International Airport and Europe Avenue, with a total length of 18.7km. Proposed by H.E. President Hery to President Xi Jinping during Johannesburg Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in December 2015, it is the first project with concessional loan and buyer’s credit, and a large infrastructure construction project undertaken by Chinese enterprise in Madagascar over the past decade.

The Project is funded by concessional buyer’s credit fund from Export-Import Bank of China and supporting fund granted by Madagascar, and will be operated by the joint venture established by CRBC and Madagascar after completion. It is a bold trial made by Madagascar Office to implement the mode of “integration of construction and operation” and “driving projects with concessional loan and buyer’s credit via small amount of fund”, and is also one of the few cases operated by Chinese enterprise after going global and engaging in road infrastructure construction, which obtains good results.