Introduction of Butare-Kitabi-Ntendezi: Lot3 Crete Congo/Nil-Ntendezi Road Rehabilitation Project (30km)

Crete Congo/Nil-Ntendezi Road Rehabilitation Project (CN) is LOT3 of Butare-Kitabi-Ntendezi Road. The project is located in the western province of Rwanda of the total length of 30km which is the important part of traffic network across the east-west direction.

Completed section of the Project

The original road of the double asphalt surface treatment pavement, disrepair and road signs have been missing, the drainage facilities are damaged, the road has been unable to be normally pass throw. And higher mountain and dangerous valley, road vertical and horizontal curve are improper, road landslides, collapse and other geological disasters made vehicles crash occurred frequently, it is posed a serious threat to the safety of transport in Rwanda. For solving this situation, the Government of Rwanda proposed a reconstruction plan of the road in 2009 and implemented its funds in 2010 from African Development Bank and Government of Rwanda. On August 2nd, 2010, we sign the contract with client. The completion of project CN has not only become the most important traffic route across the southern province and the western province of Rwanda, but also has taken the international transport mission for connecting the Congo (DRC), which has great significance to the economic development of Rwanda.