Introduction Rehabilitation and Widening of Kayonza-Rusumo Road (92km)

Rehabilitation and Widening of Kayonza-Rusumo Road (92km) is the first won-bid project by joint venture between CRBC and local company NPD LTD. It opened up the new market, but also the new attempts to do the project in the future. This project is LOT3 of the Multinational Uganda/Rwanda: Kibuye-Busega-Mpigi and Kagitumba-Kayonza-Rusumo Road Project which the total length is 92km, it is an important access of Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. This project is started on June, 2017.

Officials and CRBC engineers launch the 92-kilometre
Kayonza-Rusumo road rehabilitation and widening project in Kayonza


Key difficulty of the project:

    1)  The project is located in the eastern province of Rwanda, the overall terrain is flat, but the shortage is  lack of water and sand;

    2)  Along the entire project is plenty of public utilities, the most important work during the beginning of construction of this project is the relocation of public utilities;

    3)  The whole project across three urban areas, the unit works is dispersed.

Chinese Engineers chat before the launch of the project in Kayonza

Even if the project encountered so many problems, but since the beginning of the project, we integrate various resources to overcome difficulties for making the project proceed smoothly.