Bar-Boljare Highway Section Smokovac-Mastesevo Layout in Montenegro

Effect picture of the Project

Effect picture of the Project

The project is located in the northern mountainous area of Podgorica, where altitude difference is large and undulating terrain is obvious. The newly-built road section is mainly composed of bridges and tunnels. The ratio of bridges and tunnels is about 60%. It is a road with the greatest technical difficulty and construction difficulty in the South-North Transportation Plan of the Government of Montenegro. The whole project shows the highest Chinese road design and construction technology level. The construction of the project started on May 11, 2015, and the contract period is 48 months. After its completion, it will be integrated into the international highway network, connecting several countries of Central Europe, which is of great significance to drive the economic development of Montenegro. This project is the first highway Chinese construction enterprises constructed in Europe, and is another successful example of cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe.

To accelerate the economic development of the Republic of Montenegro and build an important channel connecting with Europe, the Government of Montenegro launched the construction of its first highway: Bar-Boljare Highway. With a total length of about 180km, the highway is proposed to be constructed in five sections, among them, Smokovac-Matesevo Section with the highest difficulties in technology and construction will be firstly constructed by CRBC.

This section is 40.87km long. For this section, the national road specifications of Montenegro are adopted by reference to European specifications. It will be a two-way four-lane highway with the design speed of 100km/h. This section is set with 19 bridges, 16 tunnels, 3 interchanges, 1 service area, 1 maintenance area and 4 toll stations.

After completion, the Project will be connected to the international road network, significantly improving the traffic conditions in mountainous areas in northern Montenegro. It will connect many countries in Central Europe, enhance the competiveness of Bar Harbor in Montenegro and promote the economic development of regions along the highway, playing an important role in driving the economic development of Montenegro. The Project is also hailed as the “Historical Project” by Djukanovic, Premier of Montenegro. Meanwhile, as another successful model for the cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe, it attracts great support from the leaders and governmental departments of both China and Montenegro.