A Delegation Led by Deputy Director Yao Huan of SASAC Party Building Bureau Inspects Montenegro Branch and Gives Instructions

From December 7 to 9, a delegation led by deputy director Yao Huan of SASAC Party Building Bureau inspected Montenegro Branch and gave instructions. Yang Liqiang- CCCC Deputy Party Secretary, Du Shengxi - Director of its Party Committee Work Department, Yang Yanmin - Secretary of department Party committee and deputy director of Party Committee Work Department and Lu Shan - deputy Party secretary and President of CRBC were also present.

At the meeting convened by the General Manager Department of South-North Expressway Project of Montenegro Branch, the representatives of CCCC, CRBC and main participation units of the project gave work reports. In the reports, all the units focused on talking about the achievements and experience in the Party building work in combination with their own work, made clear the key points and direction of their future work.

At the meeting, Mr. Yang Liqiang stated that CCCC would, under the leadership of SASAC, try to practice the Party's theories, really strengthened the Party building of the central SOEs, carefully fulfill the responsibilities, practice "Being Strict in Three Aspects and Realistic in Three Aspects", respond to the belt and road initiative and try to first build CCCC to be a world class enterprise. He also pointed out that CRBC, as an important window and platform to the outside world of CCCC, took heavy responsibilities and glorious missions, so it should seize the opportunity of South-North Expressway Project in Montenegro to open the market of Europe with "an excellent project".

In his speech, Mr. Lu Shan stated that South-North Expressway was another successful example in the cooperation between CRBC and Central and Eastern European countries after Zemun-Borca Bridge in Serbia and that it was of great significance, so CRBC paid much attention to it. At present, the project was at the key stage. CRBC would face the difficulties, constantly strengthen the Party's organizational construction, actively respond to the belt and road initiative, give full play to the political leadership of the Party organization, open a new situation of work and build South-North Expressway project to be another business card project of CCCC and CRBC.

The working group of SASAC fully affirmed the work of South-North Expressway after listening to the reports of all units. In the concluding remarks, Mr. Yao Huan stressed that the project participation units should carefully practice "Being Strict in Three Aspects and Realistic in Three Aspects", implement the thoughts, guidelines and policies of the Party, pay attention to doing well the top-level design and unique overseas political and ecological environment and so on, and create overseas Party building work methods according to the actual situation. He hoped that all people could make persistent efforts to make more achievements.