Kolasin Municipal Government of Montenegro Holds the Mid-Autumn Festival Party to Convey Greetings to the Constructors of South-North Expressway

On the evening of September 26, the Kolasin Municipal Government of Montenegro held the Mid-Autumn Festival Party at the local theater to convey greetings to CRBC constructors who participated in the construction of South-North Expressway in Montenegro. The government officials of Kolasin and employees of CRBC Montenegro Branch and other participation units together watched the performances.

Performance site of Mid-Autumn Festival Party

The Party mainly consists of song and dance performances with unique local ethnic characteristics. The performers showed the warmth and hospitality of people of Montenegro with their beautiful dances and happy songs, winning much applause of the audience. After the performances, a chorus composed of over 20 local students sang the classical Chinese song My Chinese Heart in Chinese. The moment the familiar melody was heard, the audience began to sing it together, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

This party makes the employees of CRBC Montenegro Branch fully feel the warmth from Montenegro and further strengthens the friendship between people of China and Montenegro.