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CRBC, since December of 1984, with the spirit of Build roads and bridges, make contributions to the society, Put employees in the first place, strive for the excellence, and have been dedicated to the infrastructure construction of roads, bridges, ports and railway. So far, CRBC have been contracted to build 2 ports, 2 railways and 23 roads projects whose total distance is more than 1,200m. The A109 National Road, Nairobi Southern and Eastern Bypass and and Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway are highly praised by the Government of Kenya and its people. The launch of these projects not only improves infrastructure construction locally, but also promote the friendship between Kenya and China, their economic and trade relations as well.

CCCC East African Regional Centre, to implement international operation and priority in overseas business, was established in April of 2014, covering 12 East African countries: Burundi, Comorin, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar, Rwanda, South Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda, in charge of brand management, operation coordination, large-scale investment, high-end project, development and operation of new projects in these countries.

Signature Projects
Historical Moments

The 3rd Prize-awarding Ceremony of Long-term Service Employyes

Signing Ceremony of Mombasa Special Economic Zone

Signing Ceremony of Lamu Port

Sun Ziyu, Deputy President of CCCC, attended Ceremony of Unveiling the Nameplate of CCCC East African Regional Center

Commissioning Ceremony of Berth 19 at Mombasa Port

Main Activities

Little Apple perfomed by Chinese staff of Nairobi Southern Bypass Projec and local employees

Chinese for Kenya ---- Aid Turkana

Thank-you Letter for the Donation to the National Humanitarian Fund

Rubbish clearing along A109

Group Photo of “Senior Staff Award” Winners

On June 15, 2016, on behalf of the Company, CRBC Vice President and General Manager of Kenya Office Li Qiang, donated 2 million Kenya Shillings to Enguera Girls High School for infrastructure construction of the school.

Photos & Videos